Our Approach

Our consultants work closely to each client to outline and deliver a defined project path by implementing customized solution to the organization.

Hiring us also makes a good fiscal sense. Our rates are significantly more cost- effective when compared to major consulting firms, and yet, the expertise and experience of our consultants are the highest level.

Depending on your company's needs, we can provide a seasonal consultant or a team of consultants for your projects.




  • Goal clarity and measurement
  • Facilitation of multiple projects management.
  • Standardized project methodology, tools and metrics.
  • Time and cost savings
  • Risk Reduction
  • Corporate image and legal protection
  • Satisfactory inspections
  • Successful facility operational start-up
  • Non compliance minimization
  • Reduced reworks and testing
  • Faster approval for new equipment, product or software
  • About Us

    GR Consulting Group delivers expert project management services to assist organizations and its people to achieve their business goals. We come with the qualifications and expertise to meet your specific criteria and deliver results.


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